What is Xero, and why is it so special?

Xero is a refreshing new take on accounting software that will simplify and streamline your accounts. It has been created specially for small businesses and start-ups, suiting your requirements so that you are in control of things. Just the way it should be.

  • Cloud-based. All of your data is securely stored online

  • Mobile. Accessible wherever and whenever you need via any device with an internet connection

  • Real-time. Data is continuously updated so you know you’ll never miss out any information

Sidekick and Xero

Sidekick are Xero Accountants, we’ve been specialising in Xero since it was a brand new product and we’re proud to say we know the system inside and out. Using Xero with a traditional compliance-only accountant would be like having an orchestra without a conductor: great potential, but lacking direction. So, here’s where we come in. At Sidekick, we’re a friendly bunch of Xero experts, committed to offering a proactive, interactive and understandable accounting service to business owners.

We understand small businesses and we understand Xero. That’s why Xero has recognised what we do by selecting us as Partner of the Year, twice consecutively. Because we think Xero is so great, our Sidekick accounting services have been specifically designed to support your business using Xero accounting software. With both Sidekick and Xero, we know you’re in safe hands.