Sidekick for Rentals is a rental property accounting package specifically designed for those with investment properties. Sidekick for Rentals takes the stress and worry out of your accounting.

The Sidekick 4 Rentals package includes:

  • Xero accounting software – you’ll be able to constantly monitor up to date information around your investment
  • Annual financial statements and tax returns
  • If requested, a special tax code (STC) will be created. If STC is created, full benefits and risks will be explained
  • One-off 1 hour consultation on joining Sidekick to discuss current position, goals for the financial year and reviewing of existing budgets or rental projections
  • Year-round free email support for all accounting and tax questions relating to your investment property
  • One meeting with your Sidekick Accountant annually
  • Regular updates and advice on tax and cloud software

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